Martini Monday v1.0

Kellye’s classic vodka martini at The Artillery.

Kellye’s classic vodka martini at The Artillery.

We’ve been on a real martini kick here at The Rat. Tony likes his v dirty, Steve likes his martini clean (“basically cold vodka”), and Court likes hers with alcohol. 😉

No better day to throwback a martini or two (gurl, good luck if you drink more than that!) than on a Monday! Bc Mondays suck, amirite? We’re like if Garfield only drank martinis and hated Mondays…same same but different.

So let’s highlight some killer martinis and some killer martini-makers, and turn this Monday frown right upside down…with a twist, shaken, up, blue cheese olives!

The first ever Martini Monday features our good gal pal, cocktail-maker extraordinaire, Kellyè West of The Artillery.

The Rat: Describe your bad ass martini in five words.

Kellyè West: She’s a 5 star bitch.

RAT: Where can people find you slinging bomb cocktails?

KW: I’m at The Artillery (307 Bull Street, Savannah, GA) almost every day except Sunday. Come hang with me!

RAT: How long have you been bartending?

KW: I have bartended for a total of 6 years, although I have been working in craft cocktail bars for about 12 years.

RAT: Wow! And you’re only 23 😉! Jk. What’s your favorite drink to make besides this dope martini?

KW: My favorite drink to make besides the martini is a Vieux Carre!

RAT Score: 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

Find Kellyè at The Artillery Bar in Savannah, GA or follow her on Instagram @Raggedplaid. Or both!

Stephen White